Some snippets of reviews from over the years:

The New Yorker: "... a series of tales that are deliciously fresh and funny."

Time Magazine: "Fresh, clever, and inventive."

The New York Times: "...will allow the imagination to soar."

Parents Magazine: "What a way Jim Copp and Ed Brown have with sound and rhythm... one is caught up in their infectious nonsense... don't miss this."

Billboard Magazine: "The records are done with humor and freshness, plus extraordinary sound effects. Can be recommended as top fare for kids."

L.A. Style: " oasis of intelligence in the arid wasteland of children's entertainment."

David Owen: (The Atlantic): "The stories and songs are funny, sophisticated, uncondescending... They belong on the short shelf of true American children's classics."

Fan mail: "I really do believe that if my house was on fire, one of the first things I would run out with would be our set of your records."

Reviews of Jim Copp Tales

The New Yorker: "Like a bright new star appearing amongst the foolishness that is all too frequently directed at infant ears, Playhouse brings us "Jim Copp Tales", nine very off-beat stories marked by a freshness and gaiety that haven't been encountered since the long ago days of the young Disney."

Roger Dettmer, Chicago's American: "...rarity-indeed it is such, by virtue of its total playing down to the kiddies, and enough wit to rollick their elders time and playing-time again"

Bruce George, Troy Daily News: "... the best group of stories for children and their sophisticated elders I have heard. Qualified for unrestricted endorsement."

San Francisco Chronicle: "...appealing to adults as well as children."

Portland Oregonian: "Records that will keep the whole family laughing."


Time Magazine: "Genuine magic on microgroove...masterly comic creation...fresh, clever, and inventive. Copp and Brown are to kid discs what the early U.P.A. was to film cartooning."

The New Yorker: "Really first rate performance. Jim Copp and Ed Brown come up with a series of tales that are deliciously fresh and funny."

The New York Times: "If you've heard any of the productions then you know what to expect - inspired nonsense. (Copp and Brown) have created a world of their own...will allow the imagination to soar."

American Record Guide: "The lyrics are uncommonly clever, the pace hypnotically swift..."

Audio Magazine: "...guaranteed to lure youngsters away from television and enchant the ear of the passing audio enthusiast."

Cue Magazine, New York: "...delightful...wonderful assortment of sound effects."

L.A. Style: "These LPs represented -and represent now- an oasis of intelligence in the arid wasteland of children's entertainments."

American Montessori Society: "Prize winning, and universally highly praised, the Jim Copp/Ed Brown albums are fresh, funny and appealing, with the zany quality children love."