You are both so clever and your sound effects are fantastic. I have never written a fan letter before but you two definitely deserve one. The check that I am sending is some of the best money I have ever spent. Thanks for the great childhood memories and for letting me pass on the tradition to my little boys.

Julie Krull

Fan letters have never been my forte, however I am so enthusiastic about your records that I find myself writing this. My four year old daughter received some money for X-mas which she decided to spend on a phonograph and some records. One of the records was your “Schoolmates”. I can’t tell you how much pleasure it has brought us. My Tv freak is now spending her afternoons with your records and the jacket games. Thank you for making the long winter afternoons of a four year old come alive with your charm. Keep it up please.

Julie and June Anders, Chicago Ill.

I’m sure you’ve heard it so many times from people my age, but I’ll say anyway that your recordings formed one of the pillars of my childhood imaginative world…

Mark Amspoker, New York NY

Thank you for the pleasure you have given our family. You are the Cole Porter of children’s music; the Noel Coward of children’s lyrics!… Children, Hell! I love your humor, my husband does, so do our zanier friends!… I really do believe that if my house was on fire, one of the first things I would run out with would be our set of your records.

Suzanne Cusack, Croton, NY

“Jim Copp Tales” was given to my children over two years ago and it is the favorite record for them as well as the neighborhood children. In all, it is the most delightful children’s record I’ve ever heard and the children’s continued enjoyment of it proves its worth.

Mrs. Martin H. Imm, St. Paul, MN

Your records are a source of pleasure for our whole family. Not to mention our cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. I have to have a glass of water beside me when I listen to one of your records because my throat gets dry from laughing.

Whitney Fisher, New York, NY

They are without any doubt two of the best children’s records ever produced. My children and their friends memorized them and quote them to this day. I want to share the magic with my grandchildren.

Barbara Bird, Philadelphia, PA

My children had your records when they were small and we never tire of listening to them.. The reason that I am writing is that every time we go to buy a children’s gift, I wish that your records were still available… They were so wonderful that they should not be lost to this generation and many to come.

Janice L. Linhares

After spending an hour and one half at FAO (Schwarz) on Saturday… we asked (our child) what she liked best. And she said: “Jim Copp and Ed Brown”. We must agree with our four year old… Thank you from all of us for the hours we’ve enjoyed listening to your records.

Jean Bray

What ever happened to those geniuses, Jim Copp and Ed Brown?

Janice Tanaka

I only wanted to write and tell you how much you and Mr. Brown meant to me, and still do. Whenever I’m down, I can put on your records and always feel a peculiar comfort and cheer from your creativity. You are truly unique and wonderful.

Kathryn K. Bush, Albany, NY

For years I’ve been trying to find some children’s records by Jim Copp… If you have these available or know any other lead I might follow please let me know. These are the greatest kid’s records ever produced.

Gwen E. Massey, Bozeman, MT

Thank you for a richer childhood!

Ann Mc Intosh

We still have the original record, and will never part with it, because it was a very special part of my growing up period…

M. Hand, Arlington, VA

My youngest son puts your tapes on his car player on his way to work. Will he ever outgrow them?

Barbara Cassathers

We still have the original record, and will never part with it, because it was a very special part of my growing up period…

M. Hand, Arlington, VA

Thanks so much for your records. You have no idea how much you molded my sense of humor, if not life. Take care!

Steve Jones

I’m writing to express my long and heart felt thanks for the wonderful Copp & Brown record series. I was weaned on these delightful tales and now nineteen years old, continue to enjoy the original, funny, and intelligent work of two geniuses…

Jeff Lamkin, Grand Rapids, MI

We haven’t bought your records for something like fifteen years but they are classics and I would like to get some more for gifts.

Charles Rumsey, Custec, WI

Can you supply me with your records? These records delighted my children fifteen years ago and would, I’m sure, be enjoyed just as much by my grandchildren. Unfortunately my old copies are worn out.

Alan M. Winslow, Pleasanton, CA

As time goes by we are more and more grateful to you for having created it (the record) because of the joy it continues to bring to our children.

Mrs. George Wasson, Los Angeles, CA

Many bravos to you and Ed Brown for your superb wit and talent. May generations yet unborn delight in your creativity!

Dorothy Monroe, Hingham, MA

My children know every word (of your records) and still recite (at ages 25 and 28) when something funny happens to remind them of a certain passage.

Patricia Arno, Greenfield, NY

The children played it (“Jim Copp Tales”) and replayed it until they had memorized the entire record. This of course is not remarkable, the remarkable part is that we still enjoy it after the hundreds of playings.

Mrs. Ross Amspoker, Palmdale, CA

Your stories are as wonderful as ever. It’s great to see my children as involved with the stories as I was when I was their age. You can see their imaginations unfold as they listen to the wonderful, rich soundtracks.

Michael Williamson, New York, NY

Your wonderful records have given our now grown or nearly grown children hours and hours of pleasure.

Mrs. Robert K. Barnhart, New York, NY

Enclosed is payment for the record “Jim Copp Tales”. I have used my initial record for the past eighteen years and feel that no children’s record has ever surpassed your first production.

Betty Moses, Reno Nev.

I am always on the lookout for excellent children’s records. I have just run across your striking Jim Copp/Ed Brown sets. These are, without a doubt, some of the finest I’ve ever heard. If your other six records are anywhere near as good as the two I’ve heard, you guys have to be some of the best in the business today.

Michael L. Pauley, Des Moines, Iowa

My years of growing up were pleasant ones. Many ingredients were involved and Jim Copp and Ed Brown were two of them.

Richard Van Wagenen, San Marino, CA

Over the years my children, now in their late thirties, have never gotten over their fondness for a “Jim Copp Tales” record we had in the fifties…

Virginia Hickman, Brevard N.C.

In the mid sixties, I purchased a wonderful album of children’s stories, i.e. “Jim Copp Tales”. This record delighted all family members, young and old alike. The album is no longer in my possession. (How can I get one?).

P.L. Bialek, Chevy Chase Maryland

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