(All ages)

Volume Two of our compact disc compilations reprising in wonderful digitally remastered sound the best of Copp and Brown. Over seventy minutes of entertainment plus booklet.

  • Frogman from Jim Copp Tales
  • We’re of on a lengthy trip, We are from A Fidgety Frolic
  • Bradley the Bottle from A Fidgety Frolic
  • Can’t Dance from Thimble Corner
  • The Picnic from A Fidgety Frolic
  • The Duck, the Tiger, the Shrimp and the Owl from A Fidgety Frolic
  • Mr. Hippity’s Pull Toy from A Fidgety Frolic
  • Fam’ly Reunion from Schoolmates
  • Little Claude from A Fidgety Frolic
  • Miss Goggins and her Troupe from Thimble Corner
  • Messy Bess from A Fidgety Frolic
  • The Bridge Game from Copp’s NY nightclub routine
  • How to Outwit a Wolf from Fable Forest
  • Martha Matilda O’Toole from Jim Copp Tales
  • Mr. and Mrs. Destitute from East of Flumdiddle
  • Burt Carter from Jim Copp Tales

Total running time: 70:38