(All ages)

Volume One of our compact disc compilations reprising in wonderful digitally remastered sound the best of Copp and Brown. Over seventy minutes of entertainment plus booklet.

  • The Dog that went to Yale from Thimble Corner
  • Miss Goggins and the Gorilla from Jim Copp Tales
  • The Cow and the Kitty Cat from Jim Copp Tales
  • Toy Soldier, A.W.O.L. from East of Flumdiddle
  • The Talking House from East of Flumdiddle
  • Mary Mc Gurky Mc Ginty Maguire from Schoolmates
  • The Tin Pan Becomes a Father from East of Flumdiddle
  • Cloudy Afternoon from Thimble Corner
  • The Turkey in Satin from Thimble Corner
  • Teenytiny from East of Flumdiddle
  • Eula Mole from Fable Forest
  • Agnes Mouthwash from Copp’s NY nightclub routine
  • The House on Thimble Street from Thimble Corner
  • The Barnyard Parade from Jim Copp Tales
  • Kate Higgins from Jim Copp Tales
  • The Itch from Copp’s NY nightclub routine

Total running time: 71:04