(age 2 and up)

By popular demand, Playhouse Records announces the long-awaited arrival of Jim Copp Tales on CD. This most beloved and requested children’s classic comes with a 28-page booklet that includes Jim Copp’s original cartoons. Time Magazine (1958): “Genuine magic on microgroove…fresh, clever and inventive.” The New Yorker: “…nine very offbeat stories marked by a freshness and gaiety that haven’t been encountered since the long-ago days of the young Disney.”

  • Mr. Hippity and the Balloon
  • Kate Higgins
  • The Cow and the Kitty Cat
  • Home by 5 (An Alphabetical Trip)
  • Martha Mathilda O’Toole
  • Burt Carter
  • Miss Goggins and the Gorilla
  • The Frogman
  • The Barnyard Parade